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Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA) is a core group of elite event professionals who represent a diverse background of business experience.

  • We enjoy working together, sharing our knowledge and raising the standards of the wedding and corporate event industry in Northern Colorado.
  • We create opportunities for professionals and are a helpful resource for clients.
  • We believe that accountability, honest communication, quality service, a solid internet presence and intense collaboration build strong relationships and will continue making Northern Colorado a fantastic place to host exceptional events.

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Each affiliated business maintains a consistent standard of quality and attention to detail – you can trust that every aspect of your wedding or other important event will be handled in a professional manner.

FCWA understands there are myriad details involved in planning your wedding.  Finding a source you can count on is crucial to enjoying the special day.  Now imagine finding all your resources in one place!

When you contact a service professional within our network, know that they’ve supported many about-to-be newlyweds. They can help you rise above the mounting stress of wedding planning and preparation – taking on daunting tasks systematically…. and giving you the golden advice that they can share simply because they have helped stage and support countless events and have the ‘inside scoop’ on what works and what doesn’t.

Talking about advice: these pages are full of counsel for wedding and event preparation. In the Planning Your Wedding section, you’ll find ‘how to’ pages ranging from how to buy your wedding dress to how to pace the music at your reception so everyone participates to insights into a new trend in wedding photography. This website – besides exposing you to a high caliber network of wedding and event experts – can be a resource in itself.

Think of it as a Northern Colorado Wedding Magazine written just for you.

Here are just a few of the services our Northern Colorado Wedding and Event Professionals provide:

With so much expertise available in one network, you can pretty much relax and feel confident that your wedding will unfold exactly the way you had envisioned. And maybe even better!

Gather up all sorts of hints and how to’s on the Blog. Then reach out to any of our members on their respective Professionals Pages. . . . they’ll answer your call with good counsel and great caring.