There’s nothing like a great wedding planner.

Your wedding is one of the most significant events of your life.  The decision to marry is surrounded by love and excitement about your future together.  You want to carry that enthusiasm throughout your wedding, inviting guests to celebrate with you and share your love.

You need an experienced wedding planner.

You’ve dreamed about what your wedding will be like, how you will look, and how much fun it will be.  But just considering where to have the ceremony has triggered a cascade of questions about details that jolted you from dream to a sliver of panic.  Guest lists, invitations, flowers, bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, music, apparel for everyone … where did that ring go?

Enlisting an experienced wedding planner networked through Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA) is the best way to restore your enthusiasm and ensure your special day goes exactly the way you want it to.  Wedding planning made easy!

Spectacular weddings come in all sizes – but a well-orchestrated celebration doesn’t materialize out of thin air.  It’s actually something worthy of a project manager.  A good wedding planner is just that:  someone who coordinates the details of your wedding so it turns out the way you dreamed it would.

What does a wedding planner do?

  •  Offers services that fit all budgets.

Your wedding planner should be perfect for you, whether your wedding will be a prominent social event or a private gathering of friends and family.  In an initial meeting, your budget and a package of services should find common ground.  Expect to come away with clear understanding of what your wedding planner will do and what you will take care of yourself.

Choosing someone with experience in both weddings and corporate events planning is a plus, especially when your wedding involves party rentals and accommodations.

  •  Facilitates choosing a venue and theme.

Your wedding planner will meet with you to establish the type of wedding you imagine, your style and personality.  A theme will be chosen and venues discussed.

  •  Negotiates contracts with vendors.

A wedding planner will make arrangements with vendors for all aspects of your wedding, reception, and preparatory events, including:

        • Venue and official to perform the ceremony
        • Invitations for your wedding and showers
        • Flowers for the wedding party, your parents, the ceremony, and reception
        • Music and entertainment
        • Apparel for the wedding party
        • Photography experts
        • Spa, hair, and make-up services for the bridal party
        • Catering for the reception, including the wedding cake
        • Transportation for guests and the wedding party
        • Dance lessons
        • Event rentals for the wedding and reception


  •  Creates and manages schedules.

Communication is essential to keep wedding planning stress-free.  Your wedding planner will provide you with a schedule of meetings and appointments throughout the planning so you can feel confident everything is being handled.  Phone and email connections keep you current about all preparations.

  •  Assists with securing accommodations.

Blocks of hotel rooms for out of town guests and arrangements for your wedding night accommodations can be organized by your wedding planner.

  •  Orchestrates seamless wedding day events.
      • Reviews vendor contracts and details with you
      • Coordinates the wedding rehearsal
      • Establishes that wedding party members understand their responsibilities
      • Provides a comprehensive wedding day timeline of events
      • Directs the flow of photography, cake cutting, and dances
      • Manages transportation arrangements
      • Ensures your wedding night accommodations are ready for you
      • Oversees clean-up after wedding
      • Distributes final payments to vendors

Your dream starts with us!

FCWA was created to make your wedding day a joyful event.  When you choose a wedding planner networked with FCWA, you tap into a talented team with extraordinary experience.