Your wedding day would not be complete without professional musicians, professional choreography, and DJ Entertainer/Master of Ceremonies.  

Great music for a wedding makes all the difference in creating a special day that everyone will talk about for a long, long time!

An experienced professional can help you select music for the wedding ceremony and wedding songs for the reception – as well as directing the flow and offering great entertainment ideas for wedding receptions.

Do you need professional music?

Music is everywhere – in your car, in the department stores, the gym, your phone, sporting events – of course you want to have music for your wedding.

We don’t dance!

Some couples think a DJ isn’t necessary for their wedding because they are not going to have dancing.   That’s when you really need one! A professional DJ will have many ideas about ways to keep your guests engaged, make announcements, and manage the flow all day!

Master of what?

As “Master of Ceremonies”, your DJ will sit down with you and go over a wedding planning checklist and talk about every single detail of the ceremony, and then plan the wedding songs for the reception with you.

Music adds to the feel of your reception.

You walk into the reception and the room looks amazing! Flowers pop with color, chair covers are perfect, you can smell the frosting on the cake. And elegant music fills the room, kicking off the best wedding ever!

Turn up the Heat!

Whether you want a low key, elegant feel or “let’s pack the dance floor and get everyone dancing” type of reception – a professional DJ  will play fun wedding songs for the reception at the perfect time, be great at reading a crowd, and gracious about taking requests.

Sit down with a professional DJ and talk about your wedding – check references, make sure they fit your personality, and have the best day of your life!

How to love your wedding ceremony music

When you decide to hire live musicians for your wedding ceremony, it’s important to know how to help them make your music amazing.

These tips help ensure music for a wedding ceremony goes smoothly – and eliminate worry because the musicians are well prepared and relaxed. 

  • Communicate your music preferences and ceremony schedule ahead of time.

The sooner musicians know the schedule for the ceremony, the better –  especially if you have special requests. Wedding musicians often post their repertoire of music for a wedding on their website. If your favorite tunes aren’t there, don’t despair.  Just make sure to provide your requests at least 6 weeks in advance so the musicians have plenty of time to prepare.

  •  Provide shade for musicians and instruments.

Colorado boasts beautiful outdoor wedding receptions – venues are often well prepared to offer protection for valuable instruments.  Keeping shade available won’t just save the instruments from the sun’s damaging rays – it will help them stay in tune.

  •  Supply chairs without arms. 

This is especially important for string players. Playing violins, violas, and cellos requires space to move arms – without banging elbows into chair arms. 

  • Understand how music impacts your wedding ceremony.

When you hire quality professional musicians, you get peace of mind.  No worrying about unexpected delays – they always have extra music for wedding  ceremonies and receptions ready to go. You may pay a little more for professionals, but their reliability and the ambiance they provide is worth it!

Are you nervous about the first dance?

You’re not alone!  Hundreds of men AND women are terrified at the idea of standing alone together on the dance floor.

Instead, imagine spinning around to the wedding music, enjoying a private and romantic dance while everyone admires the grace and intimacy of your dance.  You can have that moment!

A choreographed dance allows you not to worry about the “what next?”

No need to feel like you’re in middle school with everyone staring and expecting.  Now you can watch the look of surprise and delight from your family and friends.  No matter what kind of music you want for your wedding or what style of dance you want to do, your first dance can kick off the party right and get everyone dancing the night away.

Be as unconventional or as traditional as you want with the music for the wedding.  From a beautiful waltz, to a sultry tango, or even a country two-step, our choreographers can help you come up with customized dances that reflect your personal love story.

Go ahead – include parents and friends in the dancing fun.

Whether you want to have a sweet father/daughter dance, or have your bridal party dance down the aisle, it helps the celebration and gets the party started right.

The best part about all of this is that it’s easy!

We understand how busy you are and how hard it is to coordinate schedules.  We work from a private studio so we have scheduling flexibility – and most couples only need 3 hours.  That’s just three meetings, not six months of preparation.

We truly believe that music and dance expresses so many things about us as people.

Let us help you to celebrate each other and to express your love… one step at a time.