Wedding Photography

Let a professional photographer capture the spirit of your wedding day! 

Photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day.  After love and vows, your photos will last the longest and be your tangible memory of the day you started your new adventure together.

Your wedding presents a once in a lifetime occasion that you will cherish forever – and its photographs will be enjoyed over and over.  Be sure to engage an experienced Colorado wedding photographer to capture the love and joy surrounding everyone, in the best way possible.

These tips will help ensure both you and your professional photographer love your wedding photos:

  • Build a great relationship with your wedding photographer!

Your photographer has the honor of being with you on the most important day of your life; it’s important that your personalities click and that you enjoy working together. The more comfortable you are around your professional photographer, the more natural your photos will look – and the more fun you’ll have during the process!

  • Plan the time of day for great photos.

The most gorgeous outdoor lighting is typically two hours before sunset in Colorado.  Wedding photography that maximizes the stunning, natural light at that time of day is especially pleasing.  Plan your wedding ceremony to allow your professional photographer to photograph you then.   Avoid outdoor photos around noon – it’s the least flattering light of the day.

  • Consider a First Look.

Many couples now choose to see each other before the wedding ceremony. Referred to as the First Reveal or First Look, it presents a twist on the typical wedding timeline – and the wedding picture list.  Seeing each other before the ceremony allows your professional photographer to choose a beautiful location and great lighting for the powerful moment between you.  A First Look also allows the couple to have an intimate moment between them without all their guests watching.

  • Hire a professional makeup artist.

Most trusted makeup artists have a good idea of what looks good on camera. Professional makeup artists have many tricks to keep you looking fabulous all night long. If you’re nervous about someone doing makeup for you, do a test run with your makeup artist for your engagement photos.

  • Vote yes for windows.

Whenever possible, choose rooms that have plenty of windows.  Natural light adds a special dimension to any wedding photo.

  • Have your wedding photographer take engagements photos for you.

It’s enormously helpful to both you and your professional photographer to have an engagement photo session. You’ll get to experience how your photographer works and have a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.

  • Be confident and have fun!

Enjoy your wedding day and keep on that glowing smile. Let your photographer capture the truest version of you!

Your FCWA professional photographer is committed to offering the best experience possible and photographs that capture the very best of your wedding day.

Relax and enjoy yourself – FCWA is on your team!  Contact us for a consultation.