We are the closest thing to guarantee you’ll be enjoying your wedding day. 

Chances are you’ve been thinking about your wedding for a long time.  It needs to be perfect – and you want to have a ball!  Your wedding day should be among the most enjoyable events of your life.

That’s exactly why Fort Collins Wedding Assocation (FCWA) was created.

Experts networked through FCWA have managed many, many events – they’re well acquainted with the ins and outs of a great wedding.  Whether it’s sorting through a variety of ideas and expectations, offering thoughts you hadn’t considered, or just keeping YOUR desires front and center, they’ll bring tact and competence to managing your details.

When you contract with one of our professionals to provide a service, you’ll get a flawless process and an advocate whose goal is for you to thoroughly enjoy your wedding.

What would enjoying your wedding look like?    

  • Your agenda and its timing are clear and well managed.

Peace of mind is having a clear understanding of the order in which aspects of your wedding will occur and knowing everything is arranged exactly the way you wanted it to be.  From music for the wedding to honeymoon plans – it all rests in competent hands.

  • Details are delegated to conscientious  service providers.

Each of the professionals networked through FCWA maintains the highest standard of integrity and quality.  You won’t need to wonder if they’ll deliver what was promised – they will.  You’ll find wedding planning help for everything from booking your wedding officiant to making sure your wedding night accommodation is ready for you.

A great photographer is both an artist and businessperson.  You definitely want spectacular photos of your wedding and reception – and of the wedding party.  You also want to deal with someone who communicates well and delivers what is promised.

  • Your attire is perfect and ready for you.

Attire for your wedding party should be beautiful, functional, affordable, and meticulously prepared for everyone.  Our experts in this arena can meet everyone’s needs.

  • Delicious food and beverages are on hand.

The menu is an important part of any party, but especially at your wedding.  The last thing you want to be concerned with is serving or managing wedding reception drinks and food.  You won’t have to worry when you engage the professionals at FCWA – they take care of everything.

  • Expectations have been managed and negotiated – your wedding is unfolding exactly the way you dreamed it would.

Intentions are always good, but sometimes friends and family have expectations or ideas that don’t align with your own.  This can be awkward if you don’t have professionals who are familiar with your agenda to tactfully keep arrangements directed that way.

  • You are relaxed and confident – enjoying yourself enormously.

Imagine you:  laughing, smiling, unconcerned with details because someone you trust has them well in hand.  Enjoy!  The talent at FCWA has it under control.

Weddings are among the most significant events in any life.  Let the experts at FCWA make sure yours is also among the most enjoyed!