Wedding and flowers – beautiful, and always found together.

Your wedding day is among the most significant events of your life.  It should be perfect for you in every way – exactly as you dreamed it would be.

Wedding flowers infuse any celebration with beauty and love.  Bridal flower bouquets, flower centerpieces for a wedding, corsages, boutonnieres, decorations, gifts – nothing makes an impression like flowers.

Choosing a professional florist networked through Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA) ensures you’ll be happy with the results.  Each FCWA member excels in their field and maintains the highest standards of service and quality.  They are dedicated to helping you create the wedding day you’ve dreamed about with ease and professionalism.

Options for wedding flowers are endless.  That’s a good thing, unless you’re trying to navigate your flower selections without a talented professional.   An expert networked through FCWA will help you achieve the effect you want within your budget.

Choosing flowers for a wedding involves several considerations.

  •  Style

The bride’s personal style is an essential consideration.  Do you envision a formal wedding?  Sophisticated?  Light and casual?  Dramatic?  Your bridal floral bouquets and arrangements can do wonders in creating the effect you want.

  •  Color

Many brides focus on particular colors throughout their wedding events.  Color can set mood, create drama or lightness, and establish a theme.  Bridesmaid dresses, invitations, flower centerpieces for the wedding, bouquets, and other selections unite around these colors to make a unique statement.

  •  Bouquets

The bridal flower bouquets are often the first arrangement selected.  Not just a significant accessory for the wedding dress, derivatives of it will grace the wedding party’s attire, as well.  Echoes of the bridal flower bouquets often appear in table centerpieces and other decorations.

  •  Ceremony

Wedding flower arrangements and bouquets masterfully set a desired atmosphere during the ceremony.  Whispers of the bridal flower bouquets adorn seating along the aisle.  Sprigs embellish candles and hold draped fabrics in place.  Luscious hanging baskets encircle a pavilion.

  •  Personals

These are the touches that are especially delightful to select.  Floral circlets and batons decorate adorable ring bearers and flower girls.  Boutonnieres lend dash to men participating in the ceremony.  Corsages designate significant matrons for unfamiliar guests.  Personal flowers for a wedding multiply the grace and appreciation of the bride and groom.

  •  Reception

Whether casual or sophisticated, flower centerpieces for a wedding reception mark the special reason for gathering.   Flowers embellish wedding cakes, fruit platters, and beverages.  They decorate tables and set the wedding party’s seating apart with distinguished arrangements.


Every wedding has a budget.  A good florist will make suggestions that add the beauty you want within a price range you establish.   Make dramatic statements with just a few flowers and extend the effect with clusters of inexpensive blooms that complement them.  Simplify bouquets.  Or, go all out for unlimited glamour and celebration.  Do it your way.

With so many possibilities for wedding flowers, you’ll want to engage a florist with plenty of experience and creativity.  The talented professionals at FCWA joined together to provide just that resource.  Your FCWA floral professional will guide you through decisions and ensure that every detail is taken care of on your special day.

Relax and enjoy yourself – FCWA is on your team!