You’ll choose many special garments over the course of your life,  None of them will match the thrill of selecting and wearing your wedding dress.

Who hasn’t craned their neck for a glimpse of the bride?  Weddings are extraordinary occasions – and the bride in her wedding dress is a primary focal point.

Chances are, you’ve imagined yourself as a bride.  You’ve floated down the aisle, a vision of light and beauty, to wed the love of your life.  It takes a little time and planning to actually pull that off – you’ll want to start shopping for your dress months ahead of the wedding.  Choosing your dress will help you select flowers, bridesmaid dresses, colors and other items for your wedding.

Where to go for wedding attire?

The wedding attire experts networked through Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA) will provide a shopping experience that adds pleasure and excitement to your upcoming  marriage.  You’ll find their expertise, selection, and service to be first class.

What should you bring when you shop?

  •  Accessories

Perhaps you already have accessories you’d like to use – maybe something your mother or grandmother wore.   Bring them along – you’ll want to find a dress that works well with it.

  •  Friends or Family

Be careful with this one!  You want one or two people whose opinion you trust – not a committee or the whole wedding party.   Your maid of honor or your mother are both good choices.  You want to keep the focus on your dream – bringing too many people along might distort that.

  •  Foundations

While your dress will probably need specific under-garments to look its best, you’ll be greatly helped by wearing a good-fitting light strapless beige bra and panties.  Leave dark or patterned lingerie at home for this trip.

  •  Ideas

Bring photos of wedding dresses you love.  It will help your bridal consultant offer styles you’ll like.

  •  Camera

Photos of your dress will come in handy as you shop for additional items – decorations, bridesmaids’ dresses, under-garments, shoes and hairstyles.  And if you can’t quite decide between a couple of dresses, looking at photos later can be a big help.

Things to consider as you choose a dress.

  •  Fabric

Do you love lace wedding dresses?  Silk?  Satin?  Something breezy?  Soft?  How do you want it to feel?  Is it shiny or matte?  What kind of texture does it have?

  •  Style

Are you formal?  Eclectic?  Vintage Chic?  Elegant?  Surprising?  Do you want to be a traditional bride?  Is being original important to you?

  •  Neckline

Sweetheart?  Bateau?  Strapless?  High?

  •  Sleeve type

Long, short, cap or none?  Sheer?

  •  Hem and train design

Can you manage a long train or do you prefer something shorter?

  •  Comfort

You want a wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

  •  Venue

Where will your wedding take place?  A beach may inspire you differently than a church.

  •  Accessories

Veil, bauble, or flower for your hair?  Bracelet and earrings?  Garter?  Shoes?  Clutch bag?  Is your heart already set on a particular bouquet arrangement?

  •  Foundations

The right undergarments can make or break a wedding dress – you’ll want to get this right.

  •  Budget

A cheap wedding dress has never been in your dream, but breaking your budget isn’t, either.  There are many affordable wedding dresses that are beautiful, flattering, and make you feel gorgeous.  You’ll find one you love.

FCWA professionals understand that wedding attire is a significant part in the process of planning your wedding.  They’ll help you find a wedding dress that fits your style, your dreams, and your budget.   Wedding attire is needed for everyone in the wedding party and for mothers, too.  They’ll be able to help you source those items as well as other things you’ll need for your wedding day.

The FCWA network consists of professionals who specialize in all aspects of wedding planning – and each one maintains the highest standards of service and quality.  They are accustomed to working together and will ensure that no details fall through the cracks when it comes to your special day.  Tapping into these talented professionals will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy yourself.