Who doesn’t love to find a wedding invitation in the mailbox?

Weddings, showers, save the date cards – they’re all the perfect excuse to have fun preparing for your wedding.  And when it comes to fun ideas for wedding invitations – imaginations explode!

Wedding invitations are beautiful, fun to choose and prepare, and informative.   As one of the early considerations when planning your wedding, selecting them will actually help you organize other details, too.

Need help with ideas for wedding invitations?  Answering some basic questions will get you started.

  • Who will come?

You’ve probably already thought about the guests you’d like to invite.  The size of a list might be influenced by your venue, your budget, or your style – but you know who you’d love to share your special day with.

  •   What is the occasion?

There are a few places on your way down the aisle that entail invitations.

Save the date cards with a favorite photo of the couple provide guests with opportunity to make travel arrangements and set their calendar.  Bridal shower invitations can be designed alongside your wedding invitation to emphasize colors and the theme you’ve chosen – or even inspire fresh ideas.

  •  Where will it be held?

Designing a wedding invitation and considering bridal shower invitation ideas brings essential details into focus.  Invitations include information about venues and timing that facilitate your guests’ arrangements for attending.

  •  What will it be like?

Wedding and shower invitations provide a fun way to introduce the theme and colors you’ve chosen for the occasion.   Their arrival begins to set the tone you want and build excitement.

  •  How will you share important information?

It’s common today for couples to have a website for their wedding.  It’s a great way to provide helpful information for guests about locations, accommodations, your area’s attractions, additional gatherings families might be planning, and other details your guests will need.  A simple mention of the website address in your wedding invitation is all you need.

  • What is the dress code?

A wedding invitation includes information about appropriate attire for the ceremony you are planning.  Beach casual to black tie – it’s an important feature of your invitation.

  •  What is the proper etiquette for wedding invitations?

You may be wondering how or if it’s appropriate to mention parents of the couple on your invitations.  With the number of families that have been rearranged through divorce and re-marriage, it can be tricky.  A good wedding invitation consultant can help sort this out for you.

  •  Where can you find wedding and bridal shower invitation ideas?

You’ll want to take into account the paper’s color, heft, edges, and font.  If you shop online, be sure to request an actual sample.  If you have access to a local wedding invitation expert, better still.  They will have actual samples on hand and lots of wedding and bridal shower invitation ideas  – so you get the results you want.

Enlisting an invitation specialist networked through Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA) is a great way to be sure your wedding invitations are perfect.  Each of the talented individuals who participate in the network is dedicated to making your special day worry-free and exactly the way you dreamed it would be.

You’ll find a large selection of samples to peruse and expert advice about etiquette for a wedding invitation.   Everything you need, from save the date cards to bridal shower invitations ideas, will be available to you with experienced help making decisions.

Planning your wedding should be a fun and creative experience – the talented professionals networked through FCWA came together for just that purpose.  Contact them for an appointment!