The bar at a wedding reception is always a popular place – have yours the way you want.

Options abound when it comes to wedding reception drinks. Let an experienced vendor help you answer questions so yours will fit the vision you have for your wedding.

How many servings of wine for a wedding?

The old equation – one drink per person per hour – is still the one we use today.  However, if you find a store that will let you return unopened bottles, buying extra never hurts.

Champagne for the wedding – yes or no?

Serving champagne for the wedding is truly up to the bride and groom and a matter of personal preference.  If you enjoy bubbles, then by all means have champagne set aside for the toasts.  If it’s not your favorite, choose another beverage to raise.  Toasts to the bride and groom are a long-standing tradition – and drinks for a wedding come in all shapes and sizes.  Choose something you like.

Wine for a wedding?

Wine is a great accompaniment to food and easy to serve at a reception.  Your vendor can help you make selections that pair nicely with your menu, or you can offer personal favorites.  It’s nice to have a couple of options for your guests to pick from, but your cost will rise as you add more variety. Keep options simple by offering a red and a white wine for the wedding – and maybe a rosé.

Planning drinks for a wedding reception bar:

  • Most wedding receptions will stock half wine and half beer.

Opting to serve hard liquor at a wedding can present a slippery slope – at the very least, there should be some conversation about expectations.  It’s not unusual for venues or bartenders to refuse to pour shots of hard alcohol, serving it in mixed drinks only.  It’s best to talk with your bartender ahead of time to establish the protocol that will be followed at your wedding.

  • Some couples choose to have a cocktail hour prior to the reception.

A signature cocktail selected by bride and groom is often served.  You can choose from a wide variety of drink choices, serving one that’s a personal favorite.

When it’s time to plan for your wedding reception bar, contact a local liquor store networked with Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA) for assistance making your choices.  You’ll find the expertise and guidance you’re looking for.