While you may have a big white dress to contend with –a bit of prep and forward-planning will ensure that you stand out in style on your big day. Take this opportunity to look your absolute best. After all, it is your wedding too! And great groom fashion starts with great wedding tuxedo or suit.

Before you start shopping, though, you need to determine the formality of your wedding. There are a lot of groom styles out there! Even if you’re not a ‘clothes person,’ picking out your wedding suit or tux can be a fun experience. You know you’re going to look cool and hey, haven’t we all wanted to be James Bond at least once in our lives? But even while enjoying yourself, when picking the groom’s suit or tux, it’s a good idea to bear a few formalwear rules in mind, so you look you best on the day, even without the martini.

It’s an accepted fact of life that great tailoring always makes you stand out.  If you really want to impress on your big day, look up a great tailor and invest on being suited by a professional.A well-tailored suit will fit like a glove and flatter your physique, ensuring that you are not only comfortable but also looking your best on your special day.