Honeymoons Came Before Weddings??

While the origin of the term “Honeymoon” is something of a mystery, we’ve come across several theories and have settled on the following…

According to folklore, the “Honeymoon” stems from marriage practices of days long before wedding ceremonies ever existed.

Instead of having a public marriage rite, a man would often simply abduct his chosen bride and would go into hiding with her for a period of time, until her (possibly enraged) relatives stopped looking for them. Normally, this was about one month – enough time for the moon to go through all it’s phases, from full moon to full moon. While in hiding the couple would supposedly drink a sweet wine called ‘mead’ made from honey. Hence, the name ‘Honeymoon’.

The symbolism comes from the phases of the moon having brighter moments and darker ones – as will the marriage.

The mead is sweet – as is the first month of marriage.

Today, some couples still keep their honeymoon plans a secret.  It’s no longer for fear of physical violence – it’s to keep nosy relatives and friends from invading their privacy.

Planning your Honeymoon – in Colorado or any other location

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Whether you’re having a small intimate gathering, or a huge celebration for 300 of your ‘closest friends’, a honeymoon is the perfect start to the rest of your lives. Time for you to enjoy your honey while gazing at the moon. It’s a special tradition and worth putting some time and thought into.

  • To get things rolling, discuss together what each of you imagines as the ideal honeymoon.

Don’t worry if you’re not in complete agreement, or have no idea where to begin. We can help you find a great honeymoon destination. There are many fabulous places to honeymoon in Colorado – and we can help with other destinations, too.

  • If you already have a specific destination in mind, that’s great!

We can help you fine-tune the details and make sure it’s realistic for your budget and the amount of time you have.  We’ll check weather during your travel dates and if it’s good for the type of experience and activities you are interested in.

  • Determine your honeymoon travel dates – there is no rule that says you need to go immediately after your wedding.

Many couples postpone the honeymoon a week to a few months after the actual wedding day. Reasons vary from taking time off work or school, finances, getting a better value by avoiding high season, or the weather for their destination of choice may be more favorable during a different time of year.  Especially when you plan to honeymoon in Colorado!


If you’d prefer to leave soon after your wedding, and have some flexibility, we advise couples to wait at least one and ideally two or more days after the ceremony before departing. This allows you to:

  • Focus completely on your wedding & reception
  • Tie up any loose ends following your big day
  • Attend post wedding get-togethers
  • Visit  with any out of town family or friends;
  • Open gifts;
  • Recuperate from all the wedding festivities so you leave for your honeymoon refreshed and ready to go!


  • Establish a reasonable budget you are both comfortable with.

If you’re unsure of your budget. we can provide guidance about what the costs are associated with honeymoon travel – including incidentals that you may not have considered.  There are lots of great places to honeymoon in Colorado that won’t break the bank.

  • Sign up for a honeymoon registry.

Honeymoon registries make it easy for relatives and friends help you fund a fantastic honeymoon. It’s a great way to enhance your honeymoon experience.

  • Apply for passports, visa or other documentation needed for your destination well in advance.

We will advise you of the requirements and any health or safety considerations.

Flight availability and options for accommodations are usually best six to nine months out.

Whenever possible, we like to meet our couples in person – but if meeting in person isn’t convenient we’re happy to communicate via phone or email.  We never charge a fee for consultations.

Call us today – we look forward to helping you plan a honeymoon to remember!