What is a wedding officiant

Selecting someone to officiate a wedding ceremony is an important part of planning your celebration.   Most of us are familiar with seeing a justice of the peace, minister of a local church, family member, or close friend do the honors.  But a new alternative has come on the scene in recent years – the wedding officiant.

Like more familiar options, a wedding officiate typically has experience putting together a ceremony, organizing the wedding rehearsal and conducting the actual ceremony.  Many are not ordained ministers but instead have received recognition from various religious agencies.  Often, a wedding officiant is described as non-denominational.

Although the State of Colorado doesn’t necessarily require a minister or wedding officiant, most couples prefer to have someone help them plan the ceremony, design vows, and choose a unity ceremony for their wedding day.  A wedding officiant is well versed in recommending options tailored for a couples’ wishes and makes the whole process easier.

To be sure your ceremony turns out the way you want, remember these things when choosing a wedding officiant:

  • Experience matters – ask about credentials.
  • Get referrals from others who have used your wedding officiant.
  • Be sure the officiant is a good fit for both of you.

Wedding shows, friends, and Internet searches can be resources to help you find a wedding officiant.  Your wedding venue may also have a list of preferred vendors that includes marriage officiants.

Some wedding officiants have joined with other wedding professionals – photographers, disc jockeys, caterers, dance instructors, event coordinators, videographers, honeymoon planners, invitation specialists, wedding venues, rental companies, florists, and a local beverage company – to make wedding planning easy.

Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA) is one such group of professionals who offer their services and expertise. Their goal is to help couples make informed decisions about their wedding event using professional vendors who know their business and are networked with other professionals.

Contact FCWA to get started with your wedding plans.  It’s the easiest way to get off to a great start!