2014 Wedding Flowers and Trends

bridal flower trends

So little time and so much wedding planning to be done… if you are seeking floral inspiration for your big day, check out the forecasted wedding trends for 2014.

Natural Weddings:  Although vintage is still trending with brides-to-be, we are seeing this theme enhanced by the addition of natural and eco-friendly aspects.  This look utilizes a natural backdrop with lush ivy, vines, ferns, and ever popular succulents.  This trend is defined  by the organic and rustic tones with a variety of flowers including roses, hydrangeas, anemones and seasonal wildflowers.

Romantic Weddings:  For the bride seeking a luscious and serene wedding day, this years’ “Romantic Theme” is perfect.  This trend has roots dating  back to the Victorian era utilizing a variety of flowers known for their scent and elegant beauty.  Plums, pinks and silvers set the color palette for this trend with floral arrangements composed of roses, freesia, lilies, lisianthus, stephanotis, and accents of Queen Anne’s lace or baby’s breath.

Fun and Lighthearted:  Novelty weddings and ideas are making a big statement this wedding season.  These clever and unconventional themes are a great way for the couple to showcase their individual style.   The flowers are tailored for the wedding event with the intention of “wowing” the guests in addition to enhancing the over all look of the chosen wedding day theme.

Unique:  Above all, 2014 wedding trends suggest a surprising surge in personal touch.  Brides-to-be are adding sentimental décor to their wedding bouquet, for example, the addition of a jeweled broach from a loved one.  Brides are having their bridal bouquet wrapped in the lace from their mother or grandmother’s wedding dress.  Another feature of this trend has the bride-to-be choosing flowers based on the floral meaning instead of color scheme.  This is a unique way for the bride to send a sentimental wedding day message!

For the planning bride-to-be, keep in mind that your wedding flowers are a creative expression that will enhance the color, beauty, fragrance and meaning to your big day, whatever the trend.