3 Little Things to Remember for Great Wedding Photos

As a photographer showing up at your wedding, there are a couple of tiny detail items I’ll probably wish were there. These are not anything that will make or break your wedding album. Instead they’re the kind of icing on the proverbial cake, that will add that extra elegance to your wedding photography.

1 – Dress Hanger – That plastic or wire hanger does a fine job, until I’m hanging your dress in the window to photograph it. Bring a wooden hanger, or get fancy with a custom hanger you can find on Etsy.

2 – Jewelry boxes – Yes, I can photograph your jewelry on a wooden table. I can photograph your rings in a flower or on a pillow. But how beautiful might it be to have a special little box or holder for them for them?

3 – Umbrellas – Might it rain on your wedding day? Or might the sun be blazing down? Both are good reasons to pick up a couple of umbrellas that match your wedding colors. Bright colors are great on gray days, but stick to solids for the best photos.

Those are the biggest little details. Others might include your cake-cutting knife, your toasting glassware, an elegant shawl to throw over shoulders in case it’s cold.  I hope this helps! And if you have any questions, please email me at christina [at] photocg [dot] co  (not .com) 🙂