4 Reasons you Should “Just Say Yes” to a Wedding Video

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After months of planning your wedding, the day itself lasts just a few hours – unless you hire a professional to capture all the best moments on a wedding video. While 10 years ago wedding videos were more of an after-thought, the quality and capabilities of today’s video producers make video a must-have.

For couples the wedding day flies by so quickly. They are caught up in the excitement, connecting with family and friends, while little details, interactions, and video-worthy moments can go by in a blur or be easily missed.

If you are still on the fence about choosing a professional videographer for your wedding day, here are 4 reasons why you should “just say yes” to a wedding video:

  • A professional wedding video will capture moments that you may not catch. Some of the most common feedback I get from wedding clients is that they are stunned by how much they have already forgotten about the events of the day, or missed altogether. Things like cocktail hour, the toast, candid moments between friends and family, the prep time for the bride, groom and wedding party – these are all sweet moments that live on as part of the wedding video and you can enjoy them at any time.


  • A professional, experienced wedding videographer will create a video that tells a story about your wedding day. Instead of a reel with a bunch of key scenes stitched together, your wedding video will tell the story of how the day unfolded in a way that is personal and emotional.


  • It’s not always easy for everyone you love to attend the wedding. Travel, illness or other complications can make it challenging for people to be there in person. Yet, with a wedding video, anyone can still enjoy it! They can view content online, stream it through their phone or tablet or download it to watch through a big screen. The best part is that people who had to miss the wedding still feel part of the day by being immersed in the story created by the videographer.


  • Now more than ever, video is an integral part of how people experience life. When it comes to your wedding, do you want to remember it through an amateur’s eyes or a professional’s? Do you only want to remember it with photos? Or would you rather remember it with beautiful imagery and clear sound, captured by someone who is working to do the best job possible? When you have a mix of professional video and photos, you cover all aspects of the wedding experience, and have a fuller, richer story of your wedding.

To get to the core of the most emotional moments of your wedding day, video really is the most powerful tool. Peak Impact Productions can help you to tell the unique story you’ve already created by marrying someone you love, and turn it into a long-lasting family heirloom to pass on to your children. If you want to know more about how Peak Impact Productions can help with your wedding, please contact us today and please check out a sample of our recent wedding video work.