Alcohol Decor: Design Ideas Inspired by Beautiful Bottles

Alcohol Decor


Alcohol Decor: Design Ideas Inspired by Beautiful Bottles


Alcohol decor is gaining ground as a simple and fun design accent for the modern wedding reception. Wineries, distilleries and beer brewers are creating more interesting, customized bottle art to accompany their products, and couples are finding cool ways to incorporate it into the look and feel of their one-of-a-kind day.

Looking for examples for your wedding reception? Here are some creative ideas:

  • Use wine bottles to display customized table numbers crafted by hand yourself, or use a professional printer to create something that matches the theme of the wedding


  • Select flowers that you love and combine them with wine bottles of your choice to make beautiful, weighted centerpieces (and you get to enjoy the wine first!)


  • Save beer caps before your big day and glue them to items in different patterns to create unique, colorful, interesting textures or images


  • Use large brandy glasses as candle holders. Simply fill the snifter with corks and place a tea light  on top as a base for the candle and you have an instant, unique candle holder for each table


  • Make a special glass for each person in the bridal party as a gift by cutting the top off a wine bottle, keeping the label on it the front and smoothing down the rough top edges. This is a great idea for someone who loves a particular label design.


  • Melt down wine bottles with embossed labels (bottle slumping via kiln) to create beautiful plates that are flat and can hold crackers, cheese and other small appetizers. Use them as gifts or food trays during the reception.

Coordinating with a Liquor Store for Alcohol Decor Supplies


To make sure your ideas can be crafted using the type of alcohol you want, start by setting up an appointment with your local liquor store. They can share suggestions for alcohol decor and discuss important details to help you collect the supplies you need to support your unique tastes, as well as offer recommendations on types of alcohol to serve.

At Wilbur’s Total Beverage, we have very knowledgeable people on staff who can collaborate with you on menu selections and pairing specific foods with wines, beers or cocktails for different courses. This is especially fun to do in Northern Colorado because of all the unique microbrews available in a range of flavors and brew styles.

To make sure you get what you need, the liquor store will need to know:

  • Date of the wedding
  • Size of the wedding
  • Length of the reception
  • Type of alcohol – beer, wine, full bar, signature cocktails
  • If the alcohol needs to be delivered or will be picked up at the store

This way you can be sure the store has what you need in time, and a staff member can suggest any substitutions if necessary for the wedding reception.
Have some unique ideas in mind for alcohol decor and want to know if you can pull them off? Set up an appointment with us at Wilbur’s Total Beverage and let’s see what we can put together for you!

Photo credit: Puddymud