An Autumn Affair

pumpkin wedding decor

Ahhhhh fall.  The leaves are turning, school is back in session, the Broncos are dominating the NFL and couples are busy getting married.  Wait…what?  Weddings are for summer!  And sunshine! And brightly colored umbrellas that block the sun AND the rain!  But lately, the fall months have become increasingly popular for weddings for a number of reasons.  Fall is a beautiful time with the leaves changing, foods gradually becoming richer as the holiday draw nearer, and football season in full swing.  The colors, foods and decor options that all go along with autumn weddings make for a beautiful and fun experience for everyone involved.

Pictures true to the season are a must! With so much color and football season thriving, this gives you, your bridal party and your guests a chance to take some seriously awesome and fun pictures. Whether they are fun shots of your bridal party on a football field, or an intimate bride and groom moment beneath changing trees, the pictures that you will have from your fall wedding will be AMAZING.

Silly bridal party photo for a football-loving bride and groom!

 Play up the changing colors.  The deep reds, oranges, purples, and browns  have the ability to make a crisp fall wedding day warm and inviting. With the leaves changing outside, and Halloween and Thanksgiving in our midst fall colors are everywhere and easy to find. These deep colors also pair with any style of wedding that you and your fiance are envisioning. Add lace to this color scheme and you have a vintage wedding with a Victorian feel. Pair these deep colors with some sparkle, and you have an elegant evening affair fit for royalty. Bouquets in these deep rich colors are also often a focal point of a wedding. A huge bridal bouquet in deep reds, oranges, purples and browns will “wow” your guests and pop in your pictures.

Autumn decor is easy and beautiful.

Leaves and pumpkins can go a long way. I know you are probably thinking that they can look tacky, or too much like Halloween. This is a serious misconception. Pumpkins are some of the most versatile decorations that you can have. Not only do they come in different sizes, but they can come in an assortment of color as well. White pumpkins with candles surrounding the deep reds and browns make for an excellent sultry feel for any reception. Spray painting pumpkins gold or silver is another great touch. It keeps the fall feel, but amps up the elegance when done correctly. Covering pumpkins with lace in another great way to add a vintage feel for the DIY bride.

Colored, Lace, and Burlap Covered Pumpkin Decor

 Leaves are great for pictures, and if you have a venue surrounded by leafy trees, you are in luck and your pictures will be gorgeous! Fake leaves can be put in centerpieces, thrown when the couples exits, dropped down the aisle, spread throughout cake and gift tables and incorporated on the tables themselves.

Floating leaf centerpiece

Fall food is a hit! Beverages and foods that are affiliated with autumn are delectable. Apple ciders and the smell of cinnamon are great touches for a wedding in the fall. The cooler air at night will invite in the ideas of a warm drink or dessert. Entrees, appetizers, and  desserts focused on pumpkin flavor and deep rich spices will be a treat for your guests, and something that they will remember and thoroughly enjoy on your special day. Something about a glass of hot apple cider on a cool evening puts people at ease, which is perfect for a hectic wedding week!

Apple cider served in apples for a reception.

Color and decor are a big deal that can inspire dozens of ideas, but a Colorado wedding in the fall is breathtaking. Think of your guests from out of town coming to your wedding. They will be surrounded by the color changing trees, and greeted by the crisp mountain air. Your family and friends from out of town will be in awe of the sunsets they will see over the mountains with fall in full swing and the feelings that they will get in the warm atmosphere you create at your wedding will be fully appreciated and welcomed.