Behind the scenes at a styled shoot

Do you know what a styled shoot is? Think of it as a fake wedding. It’s when those of us in the wedding industry get together to create something special and unique. Sometimes the couple is real and sometimes they are hired models. Regardless, the shoot looks a lot like a real wedding and usually (hopefully, for us vendors!) finds its way into a popular magazine or blog.

As a men’s custom clothier, we have been very fortunate to support a handful of these shoots over the years. And they are so much fun! It’s an opportunity for all of us to be at our most creative and work together. After all, it’s just like a real wedding. There’s a florist, a planner, caterers, the photographer. Maybe a jewelry representative, someone from the bridal shop. The list goes on and on. Some people stay for the duration, which can easily be six hours or more, and others take off once their part is done.

My job at these shoots is to make sure that the suit or tuxedo looks its best. This may mean adjusting the jacket sleeve to show just a little bit of shirt cuff or ensuring that the bow tie is tied nice and tightly.

But the best part about all of this for me is that I have an opportunity to work alongside some of Colorado’s finest vendors. The context here is a bit different than, say a networking event, because in a styled shoot, we’re actually working together to create something new.

And as a couple, this is a great thing for you as well. Because these styled shoots can provide you with some really clear insight into how us vendors work together and what we can create when we do.

So, styled shoots might be fake, but there’s nothing fake about the quality of work that happens!