A Bride’s Biggest Regret

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“Brides…don’t fully appreciate the value of video until after the wedding. Before the wedding, only a little more than half of surveyed brides considered wedding video a “Top 10” service in comparison to other wedding-related services. However, after the wedding, that number climbs to 75%.”
From a 2005 survey by Breakthrough Marketing, Inc.

The holidays are over and January has arrived. This is the time of year when couples realize that their wedding is only a few months away and they still have so much left to do! The budget numbers are starting to become real and priorities are being sorted. Couples are asking themselves what is worth it and what is not. Sometimes, the checklists that appear in wedding magazines and other publications are really helpful, but I would also recommend that as you sort out your budget and priorities you ask yourself one question:

“If I don’t do this, will I regret it later?”

As you sort out your priorities for your wedding day, I have assembled some blog posts on other couples’ biggest regrets. Unfortunately, “not hiring a professional wedding videographer” seems to be a recurring theme.

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Ultimately, it’s your wedding day and you get to decide what your priorities are. No regrets!

– Tom, Peak Impact Productions, LLC