Buffets Aren’t Just for Dinner

Candy, espresso, muffins, desserts and more for your wedding!

A fun trend I’m seeing a lot more at weddings lately is the “Candy Buffet.”  It’s almost like giving your guests a cavity as a party favor in a joking way I suppose, but they add fun and color to any wedding.

Candy Buffet

All it takes is a table with some old-fashioned glass candy jars. Or put your own creative spin on it – at a the wedding we did, they had giant martini, brandy and margarita glasses like you’ll find at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Fill them with an amazing variety of old-fashioned bulk candy, or your modern favorites. Provide some small paper bags coordinated with your color scheme and a couple of scoops.

It was cool, creative, different and fun!  (Caution: if you are going to have 40 kids under the age of 8 attending, really think about what might happen when you combine sugar + 40 kids in a confined space before dinner.)

Dessert Buffet

As an alternative to a wedding cake, many couples are opting for a dessert buffet with an array of cakes, pies, warm cookies, cake pops, truffles, mini-cheese cake squares, brownies, pastries, and even ice cream (complete with every topping you can think of).

Espresso Bar

Another trend is to have an espresso bar, complete with a Barista who whips up made-to-order coffee and hot drinks.  Would you ever imagine that a hot cup of Joe would be more popular than beer, wine or a mixed drink at a wedding?  I’m seeing it more and more…and love the idea!

Having an espresso bar is one of the hottest services you can offer at your wedding.  Your guests can mosey on up to the counter with the option of ordering a “double, half-decaf, non-fat, cappuccino with a vanilla shot, hold the whip!”

Muffin Buffet

At another recent wedding, the Bride and Groom offered an amazing spread of just about every muffin variety you could imagine from a local bakery, pre-wrapped and ready for guests to take home and enjoy the next morning at the gorgeous Estes Park wedding venue, Della Terra. Another couple opted for a variety of dessert wines, each specifically paired with selected fine chocolates. The guests loved it!

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, you can be creative and share the things that you enjoy.  So, my advice is:  have fun, be creative, and be yourself!  Let your wedding celebration reflect the two of you…from your colors, to the food, and the flavors and flair you choose to make this a memorable occasion for your guests!