Centerpiece Creations


With summer wedding season coming up, Brides are in need of centerpiece options. RC Special Events has a variety of interesting glassware and other items to create the perfect look.

     We have helped countless brides in our years and it has taught us that one of the most popular centerpieces begins with glass cylinders.


     They are very versatile when it comes to fillers and themes. You can try the classic floating candle look, or use flowers to tailor the look to a certain color scheme. Last season, a popular trend was to put fruit, such as apples, or lemons in the cylinders and top it off with either flowers or candles. The possibilities are basically, to be cliché, endless!


     Here at RC, we had some fun with our January centerpiece displays. Check out this peacock centerpiece that uses glass cylinders and a square vase!

     These next centerpiece examples combine a few great ideas: Vases, lily bowls, and mirrors.


     The classic vase is definitely a great starting point, but don’t forget to explore your other vase-style options. The lily bowl can bring a different look to the trend, and has even expanded the possibilities for what can be included in the focal point of a centerpiece. For example, instead of a stand-alone floral arrangement, you can do both decorative stones and a large floating flower that will be able to occupy the entire opening to the bowl.

     The mirrors aim to reflect the light and beauty of any floral display or candle accent pieces. Now that you know the pieces to consider combining, here are a few examples to get inspiration from:



     If you’re trying to stray from the classic look, consider our wrought iron lanterns! Since they can be so versatile with the items you surround them with, they are an innovative centerpiece idea.


     Here is an example that we created in our showroom using a lantern with an LED pillar candle, 3 square vases, and a table marker.

     Speaking of square vases, we have a variety of sizes available for your event. A popular trend for multiple vase use is choosing a uniform color or main item to incorporate. Here are a few examples to get the ideas flowing:


     Another large centerpiece item that we offer is our oversized stemware line. You can choose from the oversized margarita, brandy, wine, or martini glass.


(Martini glass not pictured)


     Instead of going the right-side-up traditional style, here is a creative take on the oversized stemware:


     Mason jars, with or without handles, can also make a lovely centerpiece.


     A member of the RC family, who was recently married, chose to create an elegant centerpiece using mason jars without handles. She used burlap accents and filled one of the jars with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. For the second jar, she used lace to complement the overall look.

     Another popular idea is to fill the jar itself with lemons or oranges and top it with a bouquet of your choice.


Be creative with your centerpieces this year! And as always, feel free to come into our showroom for some inspiration.