Champagne…More Than Just Bubbly Wine

wedding chapagne

POP!!! I wish I could add sound effects to this because the sound of a bottle of Champagne opening is also the sound of celebration. Next time you hear one try not to smile I dare you, it is virtually impossible.champagne

What is Champagne? Well in order for a sparkling wine to be called “Champagne” it must be from the Northern area of France called Champagne. Only three types of grapes are planted in Champagne. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier. If you get a Champagne that is a “Blanc de Blanc” it is made solely from Chardonnay. If it is a “Blanc de Noir” it is made with only the “Black” grapes or “Noir”.

Most Champagne is made as a “non-vintage” wine. It should be ready to drink now or close to when it was released. These wines are not meant for aging. “Vintage” Champagne is made only in the best years. It is usually kept from release for many years after the harvest. Most of these “vintage” wines can be kept and cellered for 10 years sometimes longer.

Some people say that they do not like Champagne because it is too dry, well normally I would say not a problem more for me but with Champagne that is just not the case. There are many types of Champagne and they are categorized by sweetness. So in my personal opinion there is a Champagne out there for everyone.

Extra Brut(not to be confused with extra dry): this is bone dry not sweet at all. It has less than 6 grams of residual sugar.

Brut: This is the typical most commonly drank Champagne. This has no sweetness to it with less than 15 grams of residual sugar.

Extra Dry: This style is slightly sweet with 12-20 grams of residual sugar.

Sec: A medium sweet option. Containing 17-35 grams of residual sugar.

Demi-Sec: Sweet contains 33-55 grams of residual sugar.champagne 2

Doux: Extremely rare and considered a dessert wine. Contains more than 55 grams of residual sugar.

There are also Rose Champagnes. These wines get their color from either leaving the juice in with the black grape skins for a period of time. More commonly the winemakers will add a small amount of red wine to achieve this color.

As you can see there is quite the variety of Champagnes out there, and while most of us think of Champagne for celebrations Champagne also goes well with all sorts of foods and occasions.

If you aren’t sure what kind you will like ask for assistance at your favorite liquor store and when in doubt buy a couple and have some friends over to see who likes which best. And if you still don’t like Champagne then as I said before, more for me 😉