The Difference Between an Independent Wedding Coordinator and Venue Coordinator

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wedding, wedding day, independent wedding coordinatorWeddings are filled with details that must come together to create the day you dream about, so it helps to have a professional independent wedding coordinator and venue coordinator as part of your wedding planning team. We love all the venue coordinators, manager and owners that we work with!  This post is not meant to offend anyone, but simply clarify the difference between the two.  While the names of these two positions are similar, the role they play during the wedding is actually a bit different.

This can be confusing for brides who are trying to maximize their budget while making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout the day.

To clarify the differences between the roles of a wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator, here’s a checklist to help you see the strengths of each resource at a glance.




The Responsibilities of a Venue Coordinator

A venue coordinator works for the venue and is there to ensure the venue is meeting the obligations laid out in the contract you signed for your wedding.

The venue coordinator will:

  • Create a general time line and flow for the event based on what the venue needs
  • Act as a liaison between a wedding coordinator and the venue, providing one point-of-contact for all venue affairs
  • Ensure the venue fills all its contractual obligations
  • Oversee set up and take down of tables and chairs per diagram
  • Manage dinner service, staff and caterers
  • Oversee bar staff and service- depending on venue
  • Create the banquet event order – and instruct staff as needed
  • Create event orders, estimates of charges and room diagrams
  • Provide menu coordination for food and beverage selection
  • Prepare the final bill for the bride and groom


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The Value of an Independent Wedding Coordinator

On the other hand, the independent wedding coordinator you hire personally is focused on your best interests. They plan every little detail with you in mind, and make sure they are communicating with the venue coordinator, as well as the other vendors, to keep things running smoothly. The wedding coordinator is also available to review all your vendor contract, and answer emails and phone calls prior to the wedding to clarify the final plans.

For the special day, the independent wedding coordinator will:

  • Create a specific, overall master timeline that pulls together the details from each vendor based on their specific contracts with the bride, and includes every aspect of the day – starting with hair and makeup and leading up to grand exit of the couple
  • Recommend event professionals that match your style, budget and personality
  • Create a final payment schedule for the Bride and Groom
  • Follow up on all vendor’s final detail deadlines and make sure the bride and groom don’t miss any deadlines based on their vendor contract
  • Coordinate and run the wedding rehearsal
  • Assist with protocol for your ceremony, invitations, toasts and overall vibe of the wedding
  • Act as a liaison between family and friends, vendors, and the venue coordinator onsite
  • Set-up programs, personal decor items, menu cards, place cards and more
  • Ensure all the centerpieces are to contract
  • Coordinate the ceremony with the officiant
  • Make sure all vendors arrive on time and act as the point person for getting them briefed on all the important details
  • Connect with all vendors to make sure they are following the timeline throughout the event, including the musicians, DJ and caterers
  • Confirm all the details with each vendor several weeks before the wedding so you are confident in the flow of the day and what to expect
  • Direct the wedding line up and give the wedding party cues on when to walk
  • Gather up any valuables upon conclusion of the event, including cake tops, toasting glasses, guest book, cake server, etc. and gifts from the reception and deliver them to a designated location
  • And any other small details you may need…


Creating a Reliable Wedding Dream Team that Works for You

While some of the wedding days tasks may overlap between a venue coordinator and independent wedding coordinator, having both professionals is a key element in making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.   Is your wedding dress torn or has a bridesmaid lost button? An independent wedding coordinator like a Pink Diamond Event has an emergency kit on hand for quick unexpected fixes. Not sure if the wedding party is clear on where to go or what to do? The wedding coordinator makes sure they are all in place, on time, and given clear direction.

Wedding days are emotional, exciting and a bit chaotic. That’s why it’s so important to hire all the people you need to support you in making the day memorable and one-of-a-kind! It can always help to consult with an independent wedding coordinator and review all the little things you want to pull together to make the day your own.