Evolution of the Wedding Guest Book into Beautiful Wall Art

wedding guest book

20x30 landsc 300 leaf dbl rustic wood vertThe look and feel of a modern wedding includes a mix of Pinterest influence, bride and groom preferences and traditional wedding favorites – with a twist. At the The Print Cafe it’s always fun to create along with the bride as she brings in unique potential ideas and we find a way to bring them to life for the special day.

This type of hands-on collaboration is also a great way for us to spot trends and transformations in common wedding staples. One example is the recent evolution of the guest book from a small, non-descript binder into a piece of beautiful wall art, and it’s becoming popular all over the world.

While a guest book helps the happy couple keep track of who came to share the day, it’s often forgotten or stored away with other wedding odds and ends, hidden away for years in a closet or storage space.   Now, the happy couple has some really eye-catching options when it comes to the modern guest book. In fact, they can make it into a piece of gorgeous wall art to hang in their home.

wedding guest book, tree with printed leaves

From Guest Book to Guest Art

A guest book wall art design currently popular with brides is the “Wedding Guest Book Tree”. It takes the wedding guest book concept and transforms it into beautiful tree you can hang on the wall as art, customized to match your home. It suddenly makes a guest book a lot more interesting!

There are a few different types of custom tree designs we’ve created if you want to get some through our Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePrintCafe

Tree with Printed Leaves: With this guest book art piece, the tree and leaves are already created for you and guests fill in their names into a specific spot. Simply choose your colors and size of tree.

Thumb Print Tree: Tree branches come printed on the art piece. Guests add in personal thumb prints using an ink pad and sign their name next to their unique thumb print. With this option, it’s recommended that brides fill out the tree themselves to get it started in order to create the shape of the tree and set an example for how guests should use it.

Both of these guest book options come in the shape of a poster or a stretch canvas, on which the image covers over the edges and eliminates the need for a frame. In addition, the canvas has a wood support backing so the canvas stays tight (no sagging).   The bride and groom can choose from a list of over 25 fonts or use a special font designed for the wedding day to create their one-of-a-kind tree. There’s also a choice of core colors for the background and leaves.

wedding guest book wall art

Wedding Must-Haves are Being Refreshed and Re-purposed

This change in presentation for the wedding guest book makes it into more than an iconic tradition. The bride and groom are now actively inviting people to contribute to something beautiful and the guest’s presence also feels more valued as part of the festivities.

The best part is that the bride and groom get take something simple and turn it into a beautiful piece of wall art that has powerful meaning – the creation of a new family tree – and it becomes part of their daily married life.

If you’re getting married in Northern Colorado, reach out to our wedding professionals for help with any part of the planning process and the big day!