Finding “THE” Dress – Love at First Sight

Written by: Timiry McCaskell, Dora Grace Bridal

Imagine this: It’s your first day out wedding dress shopping. You’ve spent hours of group texting trying to coordinate the schedules of all your besties so they can join you as you search for your dream dress at the 5 appointments you have set up for the day. Then, at your first appointment, the very first dress you try on is (gasp) THE ONE.


How could this be?! Can you be sure?! What will you do with the rest of your day?!

It’s always surprising to our brides when they find “the” dress right away. To us, it’s part of the job. You might notice when you book an appointment with us, we try to ask you a few questions right off the bat to get an idea of what type of dress you’re looking for and to help you think about styles and budget before you even walk in the door. Once you arrive and we get a chance to meet you, we gather even more information from you to develop a picture of your perfect wedding day and what dress will work best for your day.

From that point on, if we’re doing our job well, the first dress you try on SHOULD be the one or at least close to it. When a bride has a good sense of what her bridal style is and where she wants to be for a budget, it only takes a while for our consultants to choose dresses we know she will love. If a bride comes in clueless that’s not a problem either! Since our store has any imaginable shape and style we can start to narrow things down once the trying on process begins.

Worried you might find something better? Guess what, you’ve just spent the rest of the appointment trying to “beat” that first dress. Chances are that’ll happen at your other appointments as well.

Feeling bad that you blocked out a whole Saturday with your friends and family for shopping and found one right away? Fear not. Most groups will be thrilled that you found your perfect dress and they got to be there for the experience. I’ve never heard anyone complain that they get to go to lunch earlier than expected!

Our advice is to keep an open mind from the beginning to end of your shopping experience and trust your gut. Trying on too many wedding dresses can be overwhelming and the last thing you want to do is have everyone there and end up empty-handed. Another tip? Ask our consultants about our “Love at First Sight Discount” .

Timiry McCaskell is the owner of Dora Grace Bridal in Fort Collins.

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