Floral Hair Accessories

Floral accessories

Floral hair accessories are a feminine and romantic way for brides to enhance their wedding day style.  When choosing flowers for the hair, a bride must first decide on her wedding day hairstyle and blooms will be best added when coordinated with the bride’s colors and themes.  The general rules for floral hair accessories are simple:  If the hairstyle is intricate, incorporate smaller blooms.  For simple, sweeping hairstyles, larger blooms are more complimentary.

There are different types of floral hair accessories including floral hair clips/combs, flower halos/wreaths, single bloom pins and floral headbands.  The bride’s wedding florist can help advice on what flowers and what look would be best for the bride to be.  Also, a duplicate hairpiece could be used for the wedding reception in order to maintain the freshest floral look.

Finally, when choosing the flowers for the hair, resilient, long lasting flowers are the most desirable.  Orchids, stephanotis, spray roses, wax flowers and baby’s breath to name a few.  In addition to fresh flowers, many brides choose a floral hairpiece made with silk flowers.  This ensures an everlasting hairpiece that can also be a precious keepsake of remembrance.

Adding blooms to the bride’s hairstyle is a simple way to further accentuate her beauty and elegance!