Fun Wedding Songs to Make your Wedding Stand Out

Fun Wedding Songs

The kind of songs you choose for your wedding tell a story about your relationship.  Whether you decide to choose songs that are fun wedding songs, traditional wedding songs, quirky wedding songs…  they all should reflect your style.   Everyone wants to enjoy your wedding so help them to have a good time by setting the stage and creating a fun event.

There is an endless amount of choices, and each genera of music has its own great lyrics to contribute for your consideration.  Songs that you will need to pick for the reception include songs for the first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss and any other special dance you want to see happen at your celebration.  Some of these tasks don’t require you to pick fun wedding songs.  For example the cake cutting song or the garter/bouquet toss could be selected by the dj or band.  However, songs for the first dance and the parent/child dances should be something that you personalize.

Some couples recently have started to combine the parent/child dances and are picking a fun wedding song that is gender neutral so both couples can dance to the same song and not feel like they are all alone out there on the dance floor.

We are also seeing people edit the wedding songs that they have chosen.  Typically songs are anywhere between three minutes and five minutes.  That can feel like an eternity, no matter how fun your wedding songs are.  Shortening songs to be no more than two minutes and thirty seconds really helps to keep people invested in the dance.  After that time, people can get distracted and stop watching so in order to keep things moving and all of your guests happy, make sure you keep the fun songs to a shorter length.

If you are a couple who loves alternative music, maybe consider using a song like “Love Song” by the Cure, or “Just Can’t Get Enough” from Depeche Mode.  Another one of our favorite fun wedding songs is “Our Finest Year” by Better than Ezra.  The list is endless, and we do have a list of unique songs that we have complied.  If you are interested in more underused suggestions, we would be happy to provide the list to you.  Just shoot us an email through the website and we’d be happy to respond!

Regardless of what your style is, make sure you love the music you have chosen, and everyone else will enjoy it too.  After all, your guests are there to celebrate the two of you and your love song!