Your groom will stay cool and comfortable in these summer-weight fabrics

Are you planning a summer wedding? If you’re familiar with Colorado weather, you’ll know that it can often vary wildly. But if you’re certain that it’s going to be quite warm, then you’ll definitely want to carefully consider the fabrics for your groom’s wedding suit. Traditional suit fabrics can sometimes be too warm for a hot summer day. But follow these tips and you’ll end up choosing some smart groom’s attire for a summer wedding.


Linen can make for an incredibly comfortable suit in warm weather, and one that will breathe exceptionally well. However, it will wrinkle, and fast! So instead of a pure linen suit, consider a linen and wool blend. You’ll have the breathability of linen, but the anti-wrinkling features of wool. Steam prior to the big day and your groom is going to look great.


Yes, your groom’s suit can even be made of bamboo! It’s not only a sustainable fabric, but super comfortable and smooth to the touch. An excellent choice for allergy prone skin, bamboo is breathable and an all-around great option for warm weather. And some bamboo fabrics even have a bit of a sheen to them, which makes them a great option for celebratory events. 


The gold standard in suiting is certainly a high quality woolen suit. While it will probably be your go-to wedding suit, pay close attention to the fabric as not all woolen cloths are created equal. While inexpensive varieties can be itchy and hot to be in, there are plenty of fine cloths that can be quite breathable. Plus, you can’t beat the beautiful drape and contour of a great looking woolen suit.
If you’re still thinking that your groom will be too warm, consider forgoing the jacket lining to make for an even more breathable jacket.

Wrap up: groom’s attire for a summer wedding

Do you have a handle on summer suit fabrics?! I hope it’s clear now that your groom can certainly dress sharp and be cool and comfortable at the same time!

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