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Online Honeymoon & Wedding Registry

Already have all the household items you will need? Would you rather have the resources to enhance your honeymoon experience? Want something interactive, fun and simple for your guestsIf so, then a Honeymoon Registry is the perfect fit for you!

A Honeymoon registry can be set up at any time during your engagement, our registry can be personalized and customized to fit your needs and preferences.Follow these simple steps to create your ideal honeymoon: 1) Set Up Your Honeymoon-Wedding Registry – this takes 5-10 minutes on our website http://allabouthoneymoons.honeymoonwishes.com/registry/Honeymoon-Registry-Search2)  Create Your Registry: Check out our sample registries on the website for ideas and then customize your own. You can keep it simple or be as creative as you like. You can add, change or delete items at any time. If you haven’t booked your honeymoon yet, no worries, you don’t have to be specific i.e  Jill and John’s Tropical Honeymoon, or Jill and John’s  Dream Honeymoon and list items that you would use or need in any destination. You don’t have to know the exact amounts of items you are asking for, just a general idea is sufficient.  During the set up process you will note your preferences on how you would like to receive the gift funds, items or services.  It’s important to note the way our registry works. Even though you may have listed specific items for guests to purchase you are receiving the monetary value that you placed on that item. This gives you the flexibility to spend your honeymoon gift monies as you please. i.e. if you have listed that the two of you want to parasail during your honeymoon and you have broken it down into 8 gifts of $25 each,  and if Aunt Jane &  Uncle Jim choose to contribute towards this by purchasing a $25 gift, those monies will be deposited to your account, and should you decide  not to parasail you have the option to spend the gift monies as you choose. On your ‘ thank you’  card  you may write,; Thank you so much  for contributing towards our honeymoon, we had such a wonderful time, and appreciated your generosity, etc, etc…..3) Getting the Word Out: Once you’ve completed steps 1 & 2 you can link your personalized registry to your own wedding website. If you don’t already have a  website you can create  a complimentary one from our All About Honeymoons website. You also have the option tp send announcement cards (provided on the registry website and or use our email utility to let your friends and family know where you are registered via social media share tools. Don’t forget to let  your shower host/hostesses know where you are registered at as well.4) Receiving Your Registry Gifts: As guests shop and  purchase gift items from your registry the gift  amount will be deposited via your preferences as determined when you created your registry. A gift card from each guest will be sent to you so you will know which items have been purchased and by whom so you can send out ‘ thank you’s’.**For Honeymoon planning purposes keep in mind that many guests wait to purchase gift registry items closer to the wedding and/or honeymoon date, therefore initial honeymoon expenses (flights and accommodation reservations) will be out of pocket for the couple, so be sure to budget accordingly.So… have fun creating your registry, show your personality, think big and your guests will enjoy knowing they have contributed to making your dream honeymoon come true.Safe and Happy Travels ~ All About Honeymoons