How to Decode the Mystery of Wine Glasses


With the wide variety of options, determining which glassware/stemware to use for your event is definitely difficult. Our job is to make this task as stress-free as possible, so stick with us as we give you some basics.

Here at RC Special Events we offer 9 different wine glasses. 6 are specified as red wine glasses and 3 are specified as white.

It is often speculated that only true wine connoisseurs will be able to tell the difference between the two, but for those who aren’t aware of the differences, here is a hint: The most visible difference between white and red glasses is the shape and measurement of the bowls.

Regina Wine Glasses

For example, our Regina line has a bowl depth of 3 inches, but they differ in rim and bowl width. The red glass’ rim is 2.5” and the white is 2.25”. Bowl width for red is 3.5” and for white it is 3”.

These minor differences are thought to enhance the overall drink experience and prevent undesirable oxidation. (Oxidation: A chemical change in wine after it is exposed to air) Who knew drinking wine involved some science?

Bowl shapes and sizes also affect ounce sizes. RC Special Events offers red wine glasses in 8oz, 12oz, 13 oz, and 17.5 oz. For white glasses, customers can choose from 6oz and 11.5 oz.


Don’t get too overwhelmed yet; you don’t have to be a wine expert to find a glass solution. With the specified use assigned to glasses, a popular inquiry for events involving wine is which glass can serve as all-purpose.

RC Special Events typically recommends using a 6 oz white wine glass or an 8 oz red wine glass. While the 6oz has a more slender look, the 8oz has a slighter smaller bowl depth, with a more round appearance.

white6oz red8oz

Either glass works for both wine options because they are a standard ounce size and still have stems. Which glass to use of the two is mostly based off of shape preference, since either is deemed universal.

Another popular question involves which stemware complements the formality of an event. If you’re trying to decide which stemware is considered a more formal option, our Regina line fills that purpose.

The stems on this line are 4” tall which is approx. 1” inch taller than standard glasses. Another bonus of the Regina line stems is that they help eliminate fingerprints on the bowl itself and reduce heat transfer from the hand holding the glass. For a more casual appeal, customers can choose to utilize our stemless wine glasses.


So now that you know the scoop on which wine glasses to use and what line RC Special Events recommends; get to the drinking!