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I’m sure we have all gotten lost in the mesmerizing website, Pinterest a time or two… or ten… and if you haven’t, I bet you have at least heard the common phrase, “I learned it from Pinterest!”

The wonderful thing about this website is that the pictures and the creations are not only a wonderful tool for event planning, but they are REAL! Yup, that’s right, REAL. As a rental company whose ambition is to Own the moment…rent the WOW! Our goal is to transform your dreams into a reality!

So, while you’re pinning away at your computer for hours on end, sighing over what you believe to be a hopeless dream for your future wedding, our creative sales associates are waiting nearby anticipating to help you put your pinterest plans to action! Don’t believe us?? Well simply sit back and relax. Rather than us tell you what we can do, let us show you!

 This colorful setup is captivating and creates an energetic and fun environment! In order to get this look, you can use our 5’ round tables and elegantly polish them off with a light ocean blue linen overlapped with a short length ivory linen to calm down the overall setting a bit.

The burgundy accents add a spunky touch to the theme and even add a hint of sophistication! The white wooded padded style folding chairs allow the burgundy to really pop and also successfully maintain a simplistic appeal as well.

This style of wedding offers a bit of girlyness and a touch of masculinity all in one! The large 8’ Napa wood collection banquet tables and the fruitwood chivari chairs with white seat pads provide warmth to the room.

With this look, the pink table runners and the mini clear cascade chandeliers add a slight quirkiness to the overall theme. This type of set-up creates both a fun and calming atmosphere that every guest can relate to! The various shades of pinks within the bouquet of flowers contributes a very visually appealing table set up.

Need a little illumination for a “night-light” effect? Our grapevine orb with twinkling lights offers a perfect glow to your wedding!

These lights have an extraordinary ability to make an event have an “outside” feel – as if you were under the stars.  The orbs are perfect for someone’s special day because they are soft, yet add a touch of excitement.

The idea, Too good to be true is NO MORE! Pinterest is an excellent website that RC Special Events can use to make the innovative ideas come to life!

Got an interest in Pinterest? Well we do too! Contact RC Special Events to take your Pinterest ideas to a whole new level and experience an event that will definitely bring the WOW factor!

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