Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Fort Collins oval wedding

Marriage is the union of

A greater sum than two in love.

Relatives are made by vows,

Relating endless fields and plows.

In bringing families together,

A million lives are changed forever.

Go then in joy, yourselves to please:

Each love shapes many destinies.

A poem by Nicholas Gordon


I’ve been thinking  about life and love lately.

It’s interesting to go back through the family tree, look at the generations that came before and think that each of them were once babies who grew up to become individuals who then found one another, fell in love and got married.  I suppose many couples don’t really look at each branch of the family tree that way and stop to think “without their love, our love wouldn’t exist.”

The love found in marriage truly is a special covenant that shapes all of civilization.

This is kind-of a weighty topic for a wedding blog.  However, so much more happens at a wedding than simply identifying “trends” and “colors” and “finding the perfect (item).”  I’m not downplaying that part of the day at all.  It can really make the event fun!  But as a wedding filmmaker I think I have a different perspective on weddings.

Creating a good wedding film goes way beyond items on a checklist.  It requires learning about each couple’s past, present and hopes for the future.  A good wedding film involves understanding the human connections at the wedding and creating a context for each couple’s wedding story.  It’s the only way to ensure that every time the couple watches their wedding video, they are reminded of the journey that brought them together, the people who shared that journey, and the love they experienced as they stepped into their new life as one.

The video below is one we filmed for Agatha and Aaron in June, 2011 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the Grand Hyatt in Denver, Colorado. The family and friends who gathered at this event were amazing and full of life. But, for me, one moment stood out in particular – Agatha’s dad’s toast. It was so incredibly heartfelt and personal, I knew when I heard it that it had to be the opening for their wedding film. It is one of those sentimental moments in life that only video can capture.

A wedding is more than the planning that goes into it. It is an extraordinary and beautiful event that changes the world forever. I am always honored to be asked by couples to experience that event with them.

–   Tom, Peak Impact Productions, LLC

The text of the Father-of-the-Bride’s toast (for those who have difficulty with the Polish accent):

Those gathered here who know me know I often don’t say much
That I might mark this moment with a simple “keep in touch.”
But given the importance of what’s happening today,
I’ve taken long and careful thought for what I’d like to say.
For Agatha on birthdays, no store-bought cards would do.
At home there’s a collection of cards hand-made by you.
Each one a bit of happiness that brought both joy and tears,
Such wonderful affection and I’ve kept them all for years.
If you added-up the tenderness that all those cards convey,
That’s a fraction of the happiness I wish for you today.
Today begins a chapter in the pages of your life
And I wish you every blessing as a woman and a wife.
And although she’s been transformed by the love that Aaron brought her,
Between us, nothing changes; you will always be my daughter.
No student worked so tirelessly, no cheerleader cheered louder,
And today (and every other day) no dad was ever prouder.
So stand and raise a glass with me, our friends who fill this room,
To Agatha and Aaron, the happy bride and groom!