First Sighting

If you’re getting married in Colorado, chances are you’re taking advantage of all the beautiful scenery that our state has to offer and having your ceremony outdoors.  This is a trend that is growing in leaps and bounds and often throws our brides for a loop on what is appropriate for an outdoor wedding.  To answer that question we often tell them “ANYTHING GOES”.  It is becoming far more common to have a wedding outside than in a church, yet wedding dress designers are still making big poofy dresses and dresses with trains.

Many brides fear that they can’t have the dress of their dreams because of their location and often hunt out a simple, scaled-back version of what they really want.  As anyone who has already been married knows, your dress is going to get dirty no matter where you go.  So don’t fear that the longer train of your dream dress is going to pick up sticks and leaves because it probably will, but the photos still look lovely.  Here are a few photos that prove this point:

Another concern our brides often have is that they don’t think they can wear a veil because it will blow all over in the wind and get in the way.  Well guess what, a veil blowing in the wind looks AMAAAAZING in photos.

As you can see, these lovely brides “literally” threw caution to the wind and wore the dress and accessories that made them feel the most beautiful.  When you begin your dress shopping, be sure to inform the bridal consultant that the wedding is outdoors, but don’t make this the determining factor in finding “the one”.  Trust us, with all of the available options out in the world, there will be many more design decisions to influence you than the ability of your train to pick up sticks.

Happy dress hunting!