How to Pin a Boutonniere Tutorial

In the last minutes before ceremony when the florist is finishing set up, and the wedding planner is busy bustling the bride, it can be a daunting task to pin on a boutonniere, especially if you’re not a seasoned boutonniere pinner.


We’re here to help with these tutorial videos on how to pin a boutonniere, to minimize last minute stressors.


Wedding on!


How to pin on a boutonniere:

  1. Place the boutonniere parallel on the right lapel.
  2. Insert the pin underneath the lapel and push it through the fabric
  3. Next, insert the pin through the thickest part of the stem.
  4. Adjust so the head of the pin is hidden behind the lapel
  5. Voila!



How to pin on a boutonniere with a magnet:

  1. Simply place one side of the magnet on the back of the boutonniere, and the other behind the lapel, and attach the two!