Something Old, Borrowed and Blue Creative Ideas

wedding favors

I love creativity.  I adore my Brides that keep traditions but have their own little spin on it.    For instance adding Blue Tulle to your Wedding Dress or underneath it is such a classic way to have your Something Blue be romantic and memorable.  Something else a little more hidden would be blue undergarments, from pantyhose to underwear, this little secret is something only the Bride will know.  And you of course can’t go wrong with some hints of blue jewels for your Wedding jewelry.

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When it comes to Something Old or Borrowed, my inspiration always comes from someone that means the world to my Brides and has made a lasting impression on their hearts.  A veil from her grandmother melts my heart.  The first love note they received from their soon to be husband, tucked away in their bouquet, as your something old, couldn’t be any sweeter.   A borrowed Wedding Photo of her parents, who just celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary, placed away in her pocket or Wedding clutch, to remind her of the love that she needs to give to her family as she has received from hers.

Remember to have fun and be YOU!