Surprise Flashmob for your Bride at her Wedding Reception

Wedding dance

While personalized first dances are a great way for the bride and groom to show everyone their unique love story, how do you as a friend or bridal party member show the two love birds how much they mean to you?

What about creating a customized flash mob for your bride/groom at the wedding reception?  They will be so surprised that everyone took the time to learn an easy dance and it will show them how much they are loved!

Cheek to Cheek Choreography can get everyone dancing together
Surprise your bride or groom with a personalized flash mob where all their guests dance for them!


The wedding reception is where the party happens, and kicking it off with a special dance dedicated to the bride and groom will get everyone involved and on the dance floor right away.  This will ensure that people start the wedding reception already having fun.  Guests wont need to wait until after a few cocktails to dance, they will be ready to go much earlier, extending the sense of reception at your friend’s wedding.

Its also something that will help to unite all of their guests.  It can be hard to sit and eat dinner with other guests that you may not know.  Small talk is not everyone’s strong point.  However, you have given everyone a built in conversation topic (as long as the bride and groom can not hear them).  This will make for a better party and reception for everyone.

How can everyone, even out of town guests, learn the choreography?  The Internet is amazing!  Cheek to Cheek Choreography will create a video tutorial and post it as a password protected YouTube video so only those you invite to see the surprise will know.  They can watch the video at their convenience, and as many times as they want.  Printed steps will help those and supplement the video.

For your friends, this day is about how much they love each other.  Be sure to let them know at their wedding reception, how much you love both of them.  This will be the best memory of the night, and you will have single handily created a better reception party and shown them how their love has influenced you.

Show them how their love has touched their guests, by coordinating an easy flash mob in minutes….