The Right Live Music for Your Event

wedding music

Music is like an extra host at your event that entertains your guests, keeps the energy flowing and guides the key transitions. And, even more importantly music sets the mood for your event.

Choosing live music that works best for you and the mood you want to create can be a bit tricky.


Here are some guidelines for Choosing Live Music:

  • What is the event theme or mood?
  • Do you have any favorite songs, or instruments?
  • Is live music needed for the whole event or just a portion?
  • What size of ensemble are you wanting (one musician, duet, trio, or a band)?
  • What style of music do you want (Top 40, bluegrass, classical, folk, big band etc.)?
  • Is there a style of music you like best within that genre (fun, light, contemplative, danceable, etc.)?

The more you know about the type of music you want, the easier it will be to choose a band.

You may also want to consider a DJ rather than Live Music. If you want to hear specific tunes exactly how they played on the radio, a DJ is probably your best choice.

However, if you want to get a unique take on those tunes, then live music might be exactly what you are looking for. And, It’s always a good idea to be clear on what you want before you start interviewing prospective bands.

Simple Tips for Choosing a Live Band

When you have a bit more insight on your tastes and desires for the wedding or event, it’s time to start sampling music. Try to listen to the band you like live, if possible, so that you know how they perform in person.

Northern Colorado has a fantastic local music scene and very talented musicians, so there is a good chance you will be able to catch them playing somewhere close by.

And, If you can’t make it to one of their live performances, most good bands will have youtube videos available so you can get a good idea of what they sound like.

Here are some tips on how to get started on choosing a band:

  • Listen to music samples from bands 9-12 months before hand.
  • Book the band 6-9 months in advance.
  • Choose the venue first – it determines what equipment the live band will need on-site for amplification.
  • Ask musicians how long they’ve been playing music professionally and if they play live often.
  • Ask if the band if they can adjust their music to match the mood as it changes through the course of your wedding or event.
  • Decide on the special/memorable songs you want to use to showcase special moments and make sure the band can play or learn the songs in time.
  • Give the band at least 6 weeks to learn your special requests.

Other Need-to-Knows for Live Music at Outdoor Events

If you are hiring a live band for an outdoor event, it’s very important for the musicians and their instruments to have cover from the sun. The instruments cannot be exposed to direct sunlight or they will become damaged. A tent, shade from trees or an outdoor overhang are all suitable options for keeping the band cool and the instruments safe.

Outdoor music also may require extra equipment to ensure people are able to hear it clearly in any location throughout the event. A sound system with speakers and a microphone should be considered for event groups larger than 100, and be sure there is a power source readily available and accessible.

Live music at any event can be great fun for the guests and for the musicians sharing their creative passion. Hopefully these tips give you some insight on how to choose the right music for your special gathering.