Top 5 Engagement Photo Session Ideas

Having a professional engagement shoot is a MUST for several reasons. The main reason for me is to develop a rapport. Getting comfortable with your photographer may sound cheesy and/or unnecessary while you’re planning thing, but this person is to going to follow you around ALL DAY. Getting to know each other a bit before your wedding day makes it easier and less stressful. You’d rather have a friend with you around all day than a total stranger, right? Not to mention that you can use your engagement photos for your invitations, guest book, slide show, website… and other various things in the planning stages.

So, what do we do for your E-Session?? Here are my top 5 ideas!

1. Location! Locations! Take the opportunity to shoot at locations different from your wedding. Like: the beach where you two lovebirds met, downtown where you had your first date, or the countryside with your dog!

Colorado E-Session

2. Clothes! If you’re like most couples, you don’t have many photos of the two of you together. Have 2-3 outfits prepared so that you have variety to make up for it. Jeans and t-shirts in one location, sexy little dress in another. Co-ordinate your outfit with your guy’s so that you’re not matchy-matchy but not clashy-clashy either.

Engagement Photo Session Ideas

3. Props! Balloons, funny hats, pinwheels… whatever. You guys have little inside jokes… little things that make you giggle… bring ’em!

Engagement Photo Session

4. Play! Piggy-back rides, tickles, dirty jokes, etc. During an engagement session, I sometimes ask one person to whisper something into the other’s ear, and see if we can get him or her to blush.

Fort Collins Engagement Photography

5. Get schmoopy! Look, I got into this business because I’m all for displays of affection. Smoochy, nuzzle-y photos are going to be some of your favorites. Don’t be shy!

Colorado Engagement Photos

The bottom line is that the session should be fun and reflect your relationship. For photos that are as goofy, playful and schmoopy as you two are, be unabashedly yourselves during the engagement session.