Top 5 Things you Need to Know to Plan a Wedding

How to plan a wedding

Getting engaged is so exciting!  The new sparkly ring on your finger, committing your life to one person forever, sharing a special ceremony with all your family and friends, and of course planning the big reception.There are so many things to do to make sure this special day takes place!

Many brides can feel very overwhelmed on where to start.  Most brides have never planned a large party before, let alone a party to celebrate one of the biggest days of their life.  Here are top 5 things you need to get in place after you’ve said YES!

1. Get your guest list together

This is the very first step before you start any planning. You will need to have a pretty solid idea of how many people you are inviting before you start researching anything else. Your guest list will determine where you will can have the wedding and when the best time of year to get married will be.

2. What season you want to get married

Picking a season will be help give you ideas for the theme of the wedding. Your season will also help determine your budget for your wedding. If you desire a beautiful summer wedding you know your budget will have to reflect these prime wedding dates. If you love the idea of a snow filled winter wedding, you may have a bit more flexibility in your budget.

3. Research the costs and determine your budget

Planning anything before you have a realistic budget will lead to many problems. If your families will be pitching in, make sure to discuss who will be paying for what items.  Research the cost of vendors and venues in your area. If you set a budget before you do any research on the actual costs, you may realize your budget, or your vision, may need to be adjusted.

4. Create the vision for your wedding

If you envision a rustic vintage wedding, that will lead you to a very different location then a modern elegant wedding. Having a clear vision before you research potential wedding location will help eliminate wasting time on venues that do not fit within your vision.

5. Consult with a wedding planner

After you have an idea of guest count, season, budget and vision, meet with a reputable wedding planner. A wedding planner can give you ideas and suggestions to help bring your vision to life and appropriately allocate your budget to give you the most bang for your buck.