Wedding Ceremonies – How Long

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So, How LONG is an average ceremony ?   Hey, Ritchie here with Forever I Do Ceremonies.  I often get asked this question by couples trying to plan out their special wedding event.  As an Officiant, I take into account a number of factors.  First, and foremost,  what do you want to include in the ceremony ?   Music and ceremonies within the ceremony,  will add length to the event.   My experience has been that each song will add about four minutes to the wedding.  This of course does not take into account the Processional and the Recessional.  One song during the wedding is about average.  If you have gone to the expense of hiring “live” musicians by all means use them more.

The second factor is the “Ceremonies”  within the ceremony.  These might include such things as a “Memorial” ceremony or a “Parents” ceremony near the beginning of the marriage ceremony.  Following the Vows and Rings, many couples choose to incorporate a “Unity Ceremony” of some sort.  Most often times I use a Sand Ceremony or a Wine Ceremony to signify the coming together of the couple.  In addition, some couples choose to use a Hand Ceremony to show the unity of the couple in marriage.

Sand Ceremonies may include the couple only or children as well as the Bridal Party and even Parents or Grand Parents.   Wine ceremonies have become more popular recently.  Insead of sand,  the couple uses wine to signify their coming together as a couple.

The final factor is the length of the Officiant’s message to the couple.  Mine usually are no longer than 6 – 8 minutes and are personalized for each couple.

Having said all this the answer to the question: How LONG is the ceremony is:    20 – 25 minutes.   I hope this helps in the planning of your wedding…..