Wedding Flower Trends 2013

Website_palmerwedds 055Nothing creates more emotional impact than  flowers for 2013. On your wedding day the flowers will certainly make a statement! Let’s begin with the colors! We are seeing bold strokes of color in wedding flowers along with unique textured ribbon. Play up your wedding flowers with lemon yellow blooms, shocking pinks and tangerine orange. Pincushion proteas offer a fun and unique look, along with Craspedia, Gerbera daisies and Trachelium. Creating these colors in your wedding flowers brings excitement and intensity to the theme of  your day. Favorite items that express your personality can be added to any floral decor.  Adding gumdrops, popcorn, or festive candies inside glass is a fun way to  to express your personal palette!  Vintage takes on a slight shift  towards heirloom, by infasizing old  medal and textures on  glassware.  Garden roses remain the flower of choice for heirloom looks in wedding flowers, combined with gilded foliages and copper tones. A new trend of’ ” glamping”‘ has emerged with luxury camping resorts. It’s camping meets glamour in weddings! Consider using black wrought iron candelabras with red ‘ Heart roses’ or ‘Red Intuition’ roses for your wedding flowers. This will create a romantic look within the glamping theme.  For Colorado weddings consider down to earth flowers such as Grasses, Solidago, Monte Casino, Wax flower and Phlox . Add fruits and flowers in small picnic baskets for fun centerpieces.  Whatever your personality express the moments you share in beautiful flowers for your wedding day dreams.