Wedding flowers jewelry accents

fall flowers

A beautiful accent for wedding flowers is  adding jewelry.  Adding these pieces of jewelry will make the wedding flowers much more personal.  Having a special item to remember a family member is a wonderful way to show love and sentiment on her special day.  Hat pins, brooches, cameos and lockets add a beautiful accent. The groom’s boutonniere may also be accented with a favorite hobby or piece of jewelry.  A fishing lure or fly ties are a nice touch for the groom’s boutonniere.

Lace from the Bride’s Mother’s dress can be also be added to the bride’s ribbon wrap.  Crochet dollies are a unique touch that can be wrapped on the stems along with satin ribbon.  A small frame or family rosary can be added to any cascading bouquet or hand tied bouquet.

When choosing a bridal bouquet you may want to choose flowers your Mother or Grandmother carried in her wedding day. Blue jewelry can fulfill the “something blue” tradition for the bride.  You can get creative and provide as many pieces as you like into the bouquet. Try to use pieces that are a variety of sizes for the bridal bouquet design. Choose colors that compliment the wedding colors and wedding gown. The end result is a beautiful bouquet with timeless accents to remember for years to come!