country wedding theme

Many brides wonder if they should incorporate a theme into their wedding.  There are many wedding theme variations you can include.  Themes could be something including costumes, such as medieval 20’s gangster, or could just be an overall feel of the wedding.  There are many considerations when deciding to include a wedding theme.

First consider if there is a wedding theme both the bride and groom can agree on and want to include.  If the brides wants a Grecian wedding and wants the groom to wear a toga, he has to be on board with this idea as well.  If once person does not love the theme, then maybe it’s time to reconsider

Next decide if the theme will be included in the entire wedding or is more just the feel you want to portray. Encompassing a feel of a wedding does not mean your bridal party needs to dress up in costume.  However, a theme wedding should be carried out in everything from décor to food to clothing.

Then decide if your budget can accommodate a theme wedding.  Since the theme needs to be carried out in every aspect of your wedding, having a theme wedding can be very costly.

Finally, determine if this is how you want to remember your wedding when you look back in 20 years.  What may be popular or trendy today may or may not be how you want to remember your wedding.

Once you have decided you want to have a theme wedding, you have to go overboard in carrying out the theme in every aspect of the wedding.  If you want a country wedding you have to incorporate all things country (barn as a venue, fiddler for the music, mason jars, hay bales, wildflowers, galvanized tubs and old fashioned sodas).  If every aspect is not thought of and carried out with the theme, then it risks losing its effectiveness.

While there are many fun and exciting themes you can incorporate, it may be easier to portray a feeling, instead of incorporating a theme.  You can bring in elements to encompass a feeling without needing to go overboard.  You can also just decide to have a color scheme and design you wedding on the colors without incorporating a theme.  Ultimately the decision is up to you!