Wilburs Total Beverage

Wedding receptions are know for having a lot of kisses. There is one important K.I.S.S. to keep in mind, and that is the old saying Keep It Simple Silly.  It can be difficult to not get caught up in wanting to be the best host and hostess at the biggest party of your life.  However, this Wedding Reception is not about the guests it is about celebrating your new life together.  You do not need to cater to everyone’s likes and dislikes. Just because Aunt Sally likes big bold Cabernet does not mean that it will go with the Salmon being served.   Or that Uncle Dave’s White Zinfandel will go with the Crab Cakes.  People all have different tastes you will not be able to please everyone. I  recommend picking wine you like. After all this day is all about you.

 I recommend finding one, maybe two, reds and one, maybe two, whites that will go nicely with your food and stick to that.  If you offer your guests many wines to choose from it can get overwhelming and keep the line at the bar from moving in a timely fashion.  This does not mean that you need to be an expert in pairing food and wine.  It can be overwhelming to find the right wine to go with the right food. Talk with your caterer and liquor store professionals. It is their job to have an idea of what wine goes well with what food.  My personal preference is getting some food and some wine and see if you like it.  If you don’t try something else. Again we are thinking K.I.S.S.

 I would also recommend getting in touch with your liquor store wedding planners a few weeks out. This way they can help you find wines you like. If you do not like the first wines they pick out don’t be scared to say so. Come in with an idea of what kind of wines you are looking for if you are particular on what you want. If you don’t know what you want then let the professionals guide you. Everyone’s has different tastes and if you have a few weeks to figure out what you like then you won’t be stuck with the first selections, unless you love them then you have something checked off the list weeks ahead of time.

 Wedding Receptions are an opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment to one another, don’t let picking out your wedding wine stress you out. Contact a liquor store recommended by Northern Colorado Wedding and Event Professionals and they will help you find the selections that will best represent you as a couple on your wedding day.