Why Would a Bride Want to Hire a Wedding Planner?

You just got engaged, Congratulations! What now? Where do you begin? You’ve never planned a wedding before and you haven’t been to many weddings to begin with. There are so many details, that it’s almost overwhelming! Where and when are you going to find the time to do all of your research and calls? (especially for the out of state bride)

These questions can be easily answered when you hire a competent and professional wedding planner. A wedding planner can be a god-send when you work full time or you are a full-time student. The best part, is that a wedding planner can be hired during any part of the wedding planning process. However, brides state that is less stressful to hire a wedding planner at the very beginning of the process. An experienced wedding planner has already planned numerous weddings, already knows and works with the best vendors, and most importantly, can help keep you within your wedding budget.

Once your realistic budget is set in place, the wedding planner will start to get to know who you both are, tastes and style. The planner can research venues and vendors for you scheduling venue and vendor appointments whether in person, over the phone or on skype. The planner is the liaison between you and the vendor often times asking questions that you might forget or not even know to ask during meetings. Don’t think of the planner as the person who will ‘take over’ your wedding but rather, your guide to help accompany you effortlessly through the planning process.

When the big day arrives, all you have to worry about is walking down the aisle! The planner will have every detail completely taken care of for a seamless wedding so that you and your family and friends can enjoy the best day ever!.

How much is peace of mind really worth to you on your most important day of your life?