Family Formals – Fast, Efficient and Fun!

Written by: KJ Crouch, KJ and Rob Photographers


Although Family formals have much importance on a wedding day, often not a lot of time is given to capturing these photos. And let’s be honest, most family is looking forward to the cocktail hour and reception!

We strive to make even family formals an enjoyable experience for our clients and their families! Our goal every time is to create an environment for family formals that is ‘Fast, Efficient and Fun’. We do this by doing all of the hard work upfront, so that hopefully everyone can sit back and enjoy.

Organizing family formals in advance is a great way to ensure you will not miss any family members. Plus, any pressure we can take off of the bride and groom for the wedding day is a huge win! We don’t want our couples pondering who needs to be where and who is missing.

We ask all of our clients to create a family formal shot list with us about one month before the wedding, this way we know who will be attending. We ask for everyone’s first names so that we can be professional and direct.

Depending on family size, I would say about 50% of our brides include extended family and the other half does not. It is totally up to you! We just make sure our clients know the timeline will need to flex slightly if we are including very large groups.

We do recommend starting with the largest family first, so that more family can finish and be released to cocktail hour. We also check the health and mobility of older family members and often consider finishing those images first.

Here is the list we suggest! Please feel free to use it for your wedding!

KJ & Rob Family Formals List –

Bride’s family~*Bride, Groom, Grandparents (names), Parents (names), Siblings (names)*Bride, Groom, Parents, Siblings*Bride, Groom, Parents*Bride, Groom, Siblings*Bride, Siblings*Bride, Parents*Bride, Mom*Bride, Dad*Mom + Dad

Groom's family ~
*Bride, Groom, Grandparents (names), Parents (names), Siblings (names)
*Bride, Groom, Parents, Siblings
*Bride, Groom, Parents
*Bride, Groom, Siblings
*Groom, Siblings
*Groom, Parents
*Groom, Mom
*Groom, Dad
*Mom + Dad

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