Summer of ’13 Wedding Cake Highlights–Part 2

Part 2 of this post highlights a few dessert tables which gave guests a feast of flavors and added intrigue to the central cutting cake:

PLAYFUL PASTELS:  Peach and mint green were such a lovely combination on this plentiful dessert table.  Fresh Fruit Tarts, Peach Cake Shots, Gluten-Free Lemon Bars, Strawberry and Chocolate Mint Cake Pops surrounded a petite chocolate cutting cake decked out in pastel leaves  (I loved the use of the birthday candles!!).  Pumpkin and Red Velvet Cupcakes finished out the spread.





VINTAGE FLAIR: Della Terra Chateau in Estes was a lovely setting for this Vintage-inspired dessert table. Originally the bride was tempted to skip the cutting cake altogether, until she fell in love with this ruffle design decked out in peachy sugar roses. Chocolate and Peanut Butter layers with White Chocolate buttercream were a playful foil to the elegant exterior.


Here is the full spread:


Dark and White Chocolate Cake Pops, Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Cake Shots, Almond Wedding Cookies, Fresh Fruit Tarts, Mini Brownies and Lemon Bars, along with Chocolate Amaretto Truffles and fun candies in mason jars:











This was a great combination of fun and making dietary restrictions DELICIOUS (a passion over here…)! The bride and groom shared a passion for Dr. Who and wanted to incorporate that into the cupcake display. We went with a gluten-free Red Velvet cake to suit the bride’s needs, which was turned sci-fi with sugar sheets that displayed carefully traced letters from the Gallifreyan Alphabet, known only to Dr. devotees!

The cupcakes themselves were a mix of Gluten-Free Lemon Lush, Sugar-Free Devil’s Food with Strawberry Cream and Sugar-Free Chocolate Buttercream, Gluten-Free Red Velvet with Nutella Mousse Filling and Nutella Buttercream, and Vanilla Espresso with Mocha Filling, Mocha Buttercream and Chocolate Expresso Beans:

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    Wow. This spread by American Girl Baking Looks AWESOME!

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