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7 Simple Tips for Creating Better Wedding Photos on your Wedding Day

Every bride and groom wants wedding photos that capture the range of emotions you experience from the heartfelt connections, to funny surprise moments, to the feeling of excitement right before everyone sees the bride in her dress. These images tell the story of your special day, which is...

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Wedding Dress Looks for 2015: What you Need to Know

When it comes to selecting a wedding dress it’s about the look and feel. Do you want something elegant that’s also comfortable? Are you aiming for a traditional look with a relaxed edge, or a looser, floral bohemian vibe? In 2015, wedding dress looks are a mix of polished...

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Decorative and Flower Arrangement Ideas to Spice Up a Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding? This magical time of year offers a variety snow-inspired ideas unique to the season. From simple flower arrangements to natural and metallic accents, a winter wedding that mixes white with festive color creates a sophisticated yet warm look. When working with a white-based theme, it’s...

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